Atlas Senior Center*

Where: South Chicago/Southshore

1767 East 79 th Street (at Cregier). A 25-minute drive down LSD or Stony Island from Hyde Park. Driving is easiest. Arrive 60 minutes before talk to set up (nothing is provided). Not far from South Shore neighborhood.


So far, talks have been Wed/Thurs at 10 AM. This is not set in stone. Arrive 60 minutes prior to talk to set up.


Atlas Director, Robin Tillotson,

Program Director, Kalyna Pomirko,, (312) 747-0189 ext. 103.

Sometimes it takes a ‘cc to agency director Joyce Gallagher (, 312-744- 4016) to get a reply to emails. Robin is very supportive of the program but oversubscribed with more demanding responsibilities (dealing with elder abuse, health emergencies, general center operation). At the outset of every talk season start by contacting Robin (cc’ing Kalyna) – all practical issues handled by Kalyna. Kalyna is very organized—she strongly prefers phone correspondence to email, and is much easier to collaborate with in person and over the phone than by email.

What to bring:

VGA dongle for presenter’s computer, USB remote control, KICP screen, projector and PA system (nothing is provided).


Nothing is provided. Bring VGA dongle for presenter’s computer, USB remote control, KICP screen, projector and PA system (nothing is provided).


Almost exclusively African-American of diverse professional and socioeconomic background. Atlas users more broadly are there for very basic services (like a hot meal). People are very glad to hear your talk and have fantastic questions. Center staff is sometimes helpful, sometimes not, but the audience is really glad to have you there (despite fairly small turnout).


  1. Park in senior center parking lot.
  2. Come in – say hello to Robin and Kalyna.
  3. Kalyna will let you in to the classroom.
  4. Set up chairs.
  5. Set up KICP screen.
  6. Set up KICP projector on a table (After moving table).
  7. Align image and make sure presenter laptop/remote work.
  8. Plug in KICP PA system and make sure speaker uses it properly.
  9. Pass out surveys.


  1. Retrieve sign-up sheet from center staff.
  2. Remind everyone to sign in.
  3. Preview upcoming talks.
  4. Introduce the speaker.
  5. Sit in back, take pictures of audience and presenter from multiple angles.


  1. Collect surveys.
  2. Chat with audience members.
  3. Disassemble KICP screen, projector, and AV system.
  4. Photograph sign in sheet and return to center staff.