I enjoy teaching and have worked as a teaching assistant at Caltech for the following classes:

  • Ph 136–Applications of Classical Mechanics (2008-9), taught by Kip Thorne. I conducted ~18 problem sessions through the course of the year, graded, and prepared solutions with one other T.A.
  • Ay 20 (Undergraduate)–Basic Astronomy and the Galaxy, taught by Andrew Blain (2005)
  • Ay 124 (Graduate)–Galactic Dynamics, taught by Sterl Phinney (2006)
  • Ay 127 (Graduate)–Cosmology and Galaxy Formation, taught by Sterl Phinney (2006,2007): I gave several lectures when Prof. Phinney was out of town.

I also was a course assistant (spring 2002, spring 2003) for AST 203, an introductory astronomy course for non-science majors at Princeton University.

Back in Princeton, I have continued to participate in outreach and education:

  • I mentored a summer USRP research project (2012) by K.Z. Khor, in the Astronomy Department at Princeton University.
  • I have taught college algebra to prison inmates in the New Jersey Correctional System through the Prison Teaching Initiative at Princeton University.
  • I taught a class on cosmology for the Evergreen Senior Forum in Princeton, NJ.