I enjoy sharing my research and outreach activities with audiences ranging from astrophysicists to gerontologists. For the cost of a plane or train ticket, cookies, and perhaps dinner, you too can enjoy my traveling production! Here are a few out-takes of my slides to examine before you spend your hard-earned (or granted) dollars, as well as list of dates and locations of my talks.

Recent Talks

Past Talks (research and pedagogical)

Click on the talk title to download pdf slides.

TAPIR Graduate Theory Lunches Talks

  • Telescope searches for axions alternative theories of gravity
  • Weak gravitational lensing
  • Gravito-magnetism
  • Tidal shocking in globular clusters
  • Cosmological hydrogen recombination
  • The evolution of the halo mass-concentration relationship

Kamionkowski Group Meeting Talks

  • Gravitional baryogensis
  • Exotic dark matter candidates
  • Cosmological hydrogen recombination
  • Cosmological limits to axions
  • PVLAS experiment
  • Ostriker-Vishniac effect
  • Searches for relic axions

Caltech Astronomy Journal Club


The Irvine poster was also presented at a general interest technical poster session at Caltech. The AAS poster was presented as a special summer 2009 poster session for Caltech summer students.