Conrad Sulzer Public Library*

Where: (Lincoln Square Neighborhood).

4455 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60625. Forward Chicago is a grassroots volunteer effort to help older adults build communities and stay active (they host walking groups, monthly potlucks, classes, and other activities). The organization prides itself on a high level of volunteerism, savvy online advertising, and being a welcoming community for people of all ages. FWD Chicago handles the booking at the Conrad Sulzer Public library. Budget 35 minutes travel time by car from Hyde Park on weekends, 90 minutes on a weekday. Accessible via CTA Brown/Red lines (but time consuming).


So far, talks have run Saturdays, 10:00 AM, and Mondays/Tuesdays, 6:30 PM. Budget 90 minutes for the talk to allow time for questions. Organizers and speakers should arrive 40 minutes prior to talk. Could be staffed by speaker and Forward Chicago Volunteer without organizer.

Contact (cc the group below on all correspondence so they can divide/conquer):

Karen Kolb Flude (gerontologist),,, 312-285- 3845, Forward Chicago is her brainchild. Karen can provide help with scheduling (and great advice about speaking to this audience). Helen Wineberg, volunteer,, can help with setup, other logistics, scheduling. Lenore Kimmel, volunteer,, hands out surveys, helps with set up, will introduce the program. Jerry Perkins, volunteer,, handles online advertising of talks.


What to bring:

VGA dongle for presenter’s computer, USB remote control, KICP PA system and microphone, KICP projector, presenter surveys, projector, portable screen (just in case).


None provided. Bring everything. Screen available in ½ classrooms used at this venue.


Diverse. Wide range of ages educational backgrounds, and socioeconomic status. Very enthusiastic and curious about science. Tend to ask lots of great questions. Some IT professionals, teachers, artists, engineers, musicians, and others.


  1. Park in back parking lot.
  2. Come in – tell the security guard you are there with Forward Chicago: Ask to be let into the room and for the guard to help you lower the projector screen if we have the right classroom.
  3. Start setting up chairs/placing surveys on each chair.
  4. Use cart in classroom to place KICP projector—plug it in and make sure laptop hooks up OK.
  5. Plug in PA system and microphone, make sure it works and that there is no feedback.
  6. If in left classroom, set up screen.
  7. Align image on screen.


  1. Let Lenore (or other Forward Chicago festivity) begin the festivities.
  2. Greet everyone, review schedule of upcoming talks.
  3. Introduce speaker.
  4. Sit in back, take pictures of audience and presenter from multiple angles.


  1. Collect surveys.
  2. Collect all AV equipment.
  3. Collect screen if in left classroom.