Renaissance Court Senior Center*


Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E Washington St, Chicago, IL 60602. Enter from Randolph Street stairs (right next to Millenium Station), turn right immediately. Next door to Intelligentsia Coffee. Public transit highly recommended.

Travel – easily accessed via Metra train from Hyde Park, make SURE to budget time accordingly. Make time to enjoy this beautiful building.


So far, talks have run 10:30AM-11:30 AM, + 30 minutes for questions/chatting. Depending on season, can schedule for Tues, Wed, or Thurs. Leave time to chat with audience. Organizer should arrive 40 minutes prior to talk. Speaker should arrive 30 minutes prior to talk.


Crystal Warren, director, Renaissance Court Senior Center,, 312-744- 4550 (office), 773/896-6552 (home). Crystal handles all the practical details and advertisement.

Joyce Gallagher,,, 312-744- 4016 Executive Director, Chicago Area Agency on Aging (gate-keeper of whole city senior center network, be very nice to her).

What to bring:

VGA dongle for presenter’s computer, USB remote control, presenter surveys.


Renaissance Court has a good projector, PA system with microphone, and screen.


Socioeconomically and ethnically diverse. Engaged and mobile audience members.


  1. Get equipment and say hi to Crystal: When you arrive, say hello to the wonderful Crystal Warren – office straight ahead and immediately to the right once you walk into the Renaissance Court Senior Center. PA system is on your left when you walk into Crystal Warren’s office, and Crystal will hand you the projector.
  2. Classroom is the large room behind the counters. You may have to wait for the preceding class to finish up.
  3. Setup crew should arrive by 10:15 AM to set up chairs and bring you a table for projector and screen.
  4. Plug in projector, align with screen, check that presentation displays correctly.
  5. Plug in PA system and microphone, make sure it works and that there is no feedback.
  6. Get presentation remote working with presenter’s computer.
  7. Hand out surveys, one per chair.
  8. Get sign-in sheet from center staff and put on projector table.


  1. Greet everyone, review schedule of upcoming talks.
  2. Remind everyone to sign in.
  3. Introduce speaker.
  4. Sit in back, take pictures of audience and presenter from multiple angles.
  5. Make sure non sequitur questions don’t derail the presentation.


  1. Photograph sign up sheet and return original to center staff.
  2. Return PA system/projector to Crystal.
  3. Make sure not to lose dongle or remote control.