Woodson Library*


9525 S. Halsted Street, South Chicago. 25 minutes from Hyde Park by car – not easily accessed by transit—I encourage speaker/organizer to carpool. Regional Library with major African-American history archival library. Library named after Carter Woodson, the first history African-American history Ph.D. from Harvard, the founder of African-American studies as an academic discipline, creator, Black History Month. Major center for Chicago African-American community.


So far, talks have run Saturdays, 10:30 AM, and Thursdays, 6 PM. Budget 90 minutes for the talk to allow time for questions. Organizers and speakers should arrive 40 minutes prior to talk.


Michelle Carnes, reference librarian, Woodson Public Library, mcarnes@chipublib.org, 312.747.6921. Michelle is fantastically organized and a great support for the program.

Rodney Freeman, director, Woodson Public Library, rfreeman@chipublib.org.

What to bring:

VGA dongle for presenter’s computer, USB remote control, KICP PA system and microphone, presenter surveys.


Woodson Library has a good projector and screen.


Predominantly African-American. Wide range of ages (teens and older adults), educational backgrounds, and socioeconomic status. Very enthusiastic and curious about science. Tend to ask lots of great questions.


  1. Park, enter the library through main entrance, turn left and go into the classroom.
  2. Say hello to Michelle, who will likely be there putting forward relevant reading material and providing snacks.
  3. Lower the projector screen using button on left side of room.
  4. Michelle will get a colleague to come set up the projector. Make sure speaker’s computer works with it.
  5. Plug in PA system and microphone, make sure it works and that there is no feedback.
  6. Get presentation remote working with presenter’s computer.
  7. Hand out surveys, one per chair.


  1. Greet everyone, review schedule of upcoming talks.
  2. Remind everyone to sign in.
  3. Introduce speaker.
  4. Sit in back, take pictures of audience and presenter from multiple angles.


  1. Make sure not to lose dongle or remote control.