Montgomery Place*

Where: Hyde Park

5550 S Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60637. Easy trip for anyone in Hyde Park.


Talks are Fridays at 7:00 PM. Bland dinner for at 5:15 PM (on the house) with organizer Alex Elwyn and the activity committee. Budget 90 minutes for the talk to allow time for questions. Could be staffed by speaker alone.


Alex Elwyn,,, 630-886- 4862 (mobile), retired Argonne National Labs physicist, acquaintance of Rocky Kolb. Organizer can skip talks and leave it to Alex + speaker. Alex supplements whatever you do by directly coordinating with speakers in the department. Alex will take initiative and contact you if you don’t contact him.

What to bring:

VGA dongle for presenter’s computer, USB remote control.


Everything provided. Alex Elwyn will help you set up the presenter laptop – they offer to let you use their laptop: don’t do it! Bring your own. Make sure to try everything out before dinner. Organizer can skip talks and let Alex/speaker take care of it, no problem.


Retired UChicago professors, spouses, and Hyde Park community members. Extremely demanding and critical audience. Surveys will provide ample advice on how to give a better talk.


  1. Park on street or walk, meet Alex Elwyn in lobby.
  2. Walk with Alex to test all AV.
  3. Eat a bland dinner with organizing committee.
  4. Place surveys on each chair.
  5. Make sure AV system still works.


  1. Make sure the AV works
  2. Introduce the speaker.
  3. Sit in back, take pictures of audience and presenter from multiple angles.


  1. Collect surveys.
  2. Chat with audience members.