Harbor Point*

Where: (Lakeshore East Neighborhood).

155 North Harbor Drive, Chicago, IL 60601. Spacious and fairly affluent mixed-age residential complex. Location of a “vertical” village started by Joyce Gallagher (Executive Director of the Area Agency on Ageing). Enthusiastic audience. Budget 40 minutes travel time from Hyde Park – easy trip on the Metra to Millenium Park Station but make sure to plan around the Metra schedule appropriately.


Talks are on the 3 rd Tuesday of each month at 6 PM. Budget 90 minutes for the talk to allow time for questions. Organizers and speakers should arrive 40 minutes prior to talk. Could be staffed by speaker alone.


Joyce Gallagher, mjoycegallagher@cityofchicago.org, Mary_Joyce.Gallagher@cityofchicago.org, 312-744- 4016 Executive Director, Chicago Area Agency on Aging (gate-keeper of whole city senior center network, be very nice to her – our continued presence at this venue is a courtesy to Joyce).

What to bring:

VGA dongle for presenter’s computer, USB remote control.


Everything provided. Meet building engineer who will plug in your laptop and show you how to use the microphone provided.


Chicago Loop high-fliers – tend to be gracious, established, Chicago professionals. (Not nearly as tough a crowd as Montgomery Place).


  1. Park in building garage (tell them you are with Joyce Gallagher) or walk over from Millennium Station.
  2. In main building lobby, introduce yourself to the security guard and tell them you are the speaker/organizer, and that Daniel Benedict is awaiting you.
  3. Place surveys on each chair.
  4. Let Daniel Benedict (the building engineer) set up all AV and show the speaker how to use the microphone.
  5. Joyce Gallagher is likely to come near the beginning of the talk and introduce the program/speaker. Make sure to greet her before/after the program.


  1. Let Joyce begin the festivities.
  2. Greet everyone, review schedule of upcoming talks.
  3. Introduce speaker.
  4. Sit in back, take pictures of audience and presenter from multiple angles.


  1. Collect surveys.